Walden Lake Dog ParkThe Walden Lake Dog Park is located in the former Walden Lake Polo Grounds on the corner of West Timberlane Drive and Griffin Blvd.

Features of the park include:

  • Total square footage: 2 Acres
  • Contained Areas: 2 (Large and Small Pet Areas)
  • Other Amenities: Benches, running water, completely fenced in, gated access, shelters.

An application to join the Dog Park may be obtained here or from the Walden Lake office. The annual fees are $25.00 for one dog plus $10.00 key deposit and $40.00 for multiple dogs and $10.00 key deposit. Proof of shots, county license and picture must accompany the application. The Dog Park is for Walden Lake residents only.

Dog Park Permit and Rules

Walden Lake Dog Park Final Permit App

Walden Lake Dog Park Rules and Regulations – 090612

For more information contact Bette Guarino at 813-754-8999 or betteg@waldenlake.org.